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Comfort Features

Included With Our Superior Care

  • Digital X-rays faster and safer for the patient and the environment
  • Oral Cancer Screening because it could save your life
  • Dark Safety Glasses to protect your eyes 

Interested In Relaxation Options?

  • Oraqix® tissue comfort gel for hygiene treatment
  • Local Anesthetic provides pain relief for hours after treatment
  • Bite Block to comfortably rest your mouth open during procedures
  • Anti-Anxiety Medication/Oral Sedative by prescription
  • Sleep Dentistry have no fear, sleep through it here

Add These To Your Appointment At No Charge

  • Warm, Cozy Blanket maximize relaxation during your treatment
  • Neck Support Pillow to help you relax
  • Hot Aromatherapy Face & Hand Towel get refreshed after your treatment
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste to freshen up before or after your treatment
  • Mouth Wash to give you a refreshing taste, during or after your treatment
  • Flavored Lip Balm to soothe and prevent dryness
  • Complimentary Legacy Smiles Ear Buds for your electronic devices
  • Appliance Cleaning dentures, retainers, night guard
  • Guest Wifi available to all our patients and visitor
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